Rabbit and Bird Hunting


This is what we love to do and why we own our dogs.

Here are Shepherd's Kennel before we ever put to 2 dogs together to make puppies, our dogs are put in the fields to prove they have what it takes to produce quality hunting partners!!
We Hunt our dogs!!

2013 Pheasant Hunt with Cal-13

Westwind Cal JH

1st Hunt with Shepherd's Avery (Belle x Chubb pup) 2008

1995 Shepherd's Sassy(IFC Branko's Big Sam)

2012-13 Bird Hunt with Shepherd's Char

1996 Eyer's Little Jet(Johnny Paycheck, Taylor's Sock it to me)

1996 Little Willys Goldie Girl and SkyView Boomerang(IFC Branko's Big Sam)

2014 Cox's Germino Hot and Spicey 3rd at Kentucky Houndsman Benefit Hunt

2011-12 Shepherd's Belle of Kingsley after bird hunt

2010-11 Shepherd's Chubb 1st Hunt.

2010-11 Shepherd's Big Lewis-Pointing His first Bird

2009-2010 Shepherd's Sophie-1st Hunt 6 Birds

2012 Shepherd's Avery retrieving pheasant in KY

Shepherd's Big Time Pointing Briggs 2013

Willis and Macey 2012

Shepherd's Sally 1994

Shepherd's Hammie-2010 UKC Hunt

2018 Opening Day. Limited Out with Couple Buddies and 5 dogs in 4 hrs.

Willis placing at AKC Derby Hunt 2011

Macey and Willis last day of 2012 season

2014 rabbit hunting!! on Kentucky Farm

2018 Mallard (Colby x Emma) Took 2nd at Field Test Trial at 10 months old

Shepherd's Colt 45 Pointing a pheasant at age 14yr old

2014 Scrogham's Blue Wineo

2017 Polston's Action Jackson (Skeeter x Twister)

2017 Hiser's Tri-Color Sassy(Chuck Daughter/Sadie Mom)

Goldies last hunt! 7 rabbits sole

2018 December Hunt. Lil Ready, Betty and Sadie in attendance, got 10 bunnies

2018 Nova during yard training

2017 Colby x Emma pup at 9 months getting in done

2018 Colby x Emma pup pointing quail during summer training

1994 Little Willys Goldie Girl( One of my all time fav rabbit dogs!)

2017 Little Willys Twisted Sister(Jump Dog Supreme Rap grddtr)

Little Willys Robo Rap (One of the best gundog of all time at our place)

LPRCH Mcclellans Chucklehead (Super nice rabbit dog)

2016/2017 New Year's Hunt with Dino/Reggie female(Sadie SIS)