Before sending deposit to Shepherd's Gundog Kennels!

Please Read disclosure! 

If deposit received by kennel we will assume you are in agreement with our policies! 


Keep it SIMPLE!

Shepherds Gundog Kennels will only accept depsoits wired through Wal-Mart and cash on meeting of pup/dog as payments! Pups/Adults have to be paid in full before leaving the kennel if using a dog transports. Due to a select few not so honest people we no longer will accept money orders, postal money orders, personnel checks. No cash apps, No Pay-Pal.(Other people have control of yours and mine money and access to our bank accounts) I'm old school and really not comfortable with that. Wal-mart is safest way I have found  as buyer as to produce ID to send deposit and we have to produce ID to pick up. So the buyer has to be who they say they are and we have to be who we say we are. 

Health status of pups/dogs!

Shpherds Gundog Kennels will vaccinate and deworm each puppy and adult dog to bring the pup/dog up to date at time of sale by the kennel. We exaim every pup/dog before it leaves the kennel. If at time the pup/dog shows any sign of parvo/coccidosis/girradi, we will cancel the sale and refund buyers money and treat the puppy at the kennel. If the pup/dog develops any of these or other parasiste after leaving the kennel. The treatment and cost of it is on the new owners.

All Deposits received by Shepherd's Gundog Kennels are non-refundable. I honestly hate to be this way but due to a few people that believe that sending us deposits and then down the road changing their minds on a pup or older dog, is okay to back out after we have pulled dog off line. Posting dogs on line and fielding the calls, text message, pm messages and emails takes alot of our time. Reposting one is equaly time consuming after we turned potential buyers away cause the deposit was received. We also take deposits wired through walmart and have to drive 20 minutes each way to pick the deposit up and would have to drive 20 minutes to return. I try to be fair to people as much we can but want it to be clear no matter what the reason is, if a deposit received it will not be returned UNLESS something health wise has happend to the pup/dog and we think its in the best interest of the animal not to be sold at that time.  

After deposits received Shepherds Gundog Kennels policy that the pup/dog will be picked up with in 2 weeks of being received. We understand that alot of plans for hauling has to be made sometimes and flexiable on dog haulers and pick up date and time wtih life and work schedules but due to a select few buyers we have to impose this policy. If after 2 weeks the pup/dog is not picked up Shepherds Gundog Kennels will charge the owners $12.00 a day room/board which is a modest charge compared to commerical boarding kennels and pup/dog will not be released until balance is paid. The new owners will also be responsible for any vet bills, medication costs ie..deworming and vaccinations at that time.